Launching our Business Golf Mastermind Chapter Program

Posted on May 29th, 2011

CEO Allen Bonk announced the launch of a new Chapter Membership Program, to be a Business Golf Mastermind system. Hosted by a Quantum Business Golf sales consultant or local hosts, and featuring up to 36 business and community leaders in each chapter, each group will meet twice a month. Combining two hours of highly leveraged business strategies and two hours of business golf, this will allow members to develop and grow deeper, more profitable relationships on and off the course.

“We’re especially proud of our Chapter designated Charity component of each group” says CEO Allen Bonk. “Not only can business people grow their business, and have a lot of fun, but they can truly help a charity make a dramatic difference. In fact each Chapter will contribute a fixed percentage of dues to the Charity, help them each meeting improve their operations, and once a month members will be asked to volunteer half a day to the Charity itself” adds Allen. Truly a way to make good while doing good. For more details on the opportunity, click here.

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