Host A Seminar & Earn Money

You’ve probably never thought of doing something like hosting a seminar in your city.  Or, maybe you have but didn’t know how or where to start.

The Quantum Business Golf Live Seminar Event presents a great opportunity for anyone that has the desire to host a unique event that truly makes a difference in people’s business and lives.

Tom and I are looking for great people or businesses who would love to have a Quantum Business Golf Seminar event in your location.  It could be that you have a large network that you think our event would appeal to, it could be that you are simply a great event planner/organizer and you think you could fill a room.

Event Requirements:

  • 50 – 200 people registered for the event
  • Venue to support the size of the event

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Commitment to the event.
  2. Your help to market to your network and the local golf and business community.  This is about time on task using low cost/no cost strategies.
  3. Assistance in finding a great venue.
  4. Your help at the event itself with logistics and organizing in an effort to make the event a great experience for the attendees.
Here’s what’s in it for you:
  • Compensation is generous.  Please contact us for details.
The Quantum Business Golf Live 3.5 day event is suitable for any of the following events or audiences:
  • An internal corporate sales team
  • A corporate sponsorship for clients
  • Golf/Seminar getaway
  • Corporate retreats
  • General open events
  • Executive golf/seminar cruise
  • Organization sponsored events
  • Special events
If you’re interested, reach out to us at or call 604-612-4350
Take your business to the next level in just three and a half days