Check out what a bunch of our recent graduates have to share about their experience taking the Quantum Business Golf Seminar.


For detailed personal stories check out these videos below:

Rob Kossen, Video Production Sales


Darren Donas, Commercial Travel Agent


Angela Heit, Business Broker


Bernie Warren, Business Professor


Karen Belland, Health Industry Entrepreneur


Aj Nijjer, Newspaper Internet Ad Sales


Claudia Guerrero, Software Graphic Designer


Colin Lyons, multi business entrepreneur


Monika Kelly, Facet Business Solutions


Greg Klohn, Audio Production Entrepreneur


Peter Mutrie, Business Association President


Ben Kirkey, Business Entrepreneur Student


Mavis Fernandes, Community Development for Youth


Steve Herman, Realtor


Jason Cacaci, CEO of Business Strategy Company


John Lam, Financial Planner


Mario Prusina, Publisher of Newspaper


David Tearoe, Certified General Accountant


Paul Toffoli, Realtor


Robin Wong, Health Industry Entrepreneur


Sunny Parmar, Sales Supervisor


Rob Arthurs, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach