The Quantum Business Golf Protege Program allows graduates to rapidly accelerate the application of the goals and commitments from our three and a half day seminar. Most graduatesĀ find the total number of goals and action plans from the three and a half days is so potentially impactful, they realize that with help and coaching they can accomplish much more.

Ultimately leading to more life and make more profits, through golf.

Monthly conference calls, brainstorming sessions, strategies and tools, resources, networking, great, impactful videos, ways to market other business golfers like you, and a whole lot more.

Details available for graduates of our live Quantum Business Golf Seminars and Home Study Program purchasers only.

Investment $2,500 per year. If you’re a graduate and wish to enroll, click here.

Here’s a look at our overall framework, and our quarterly Action Plan.

Overview of the three parts of the Protege Program