Thanks For Attending Our Quantum Business Golf Events in 2015!

On the heels of our Quantum Business Golf Event in Denver, Colorado this spring, and the opening of our Quantum Business Golf Chapters across America, we want to thank all of you that attended our events in the last year! In 2016 we'll host our next live events, in addition to opening dozens of Quantum Business Golf Chapters across the US and in at least five other countries. We're working on dates for our 2016 schedule and will release them later this fall. To learn about this amazing four day seminar, and how we can show you how to have more prosperity, energy and joy, click here to watch our short video. To all of you that attended our main seminar or one of our workshops and webinars, congratulations on working ON your business and having more fun at the same time. Meanwhile, to see if your group or business qualifies for special VIP access, email us at or call Allen Bonk in Vancouver at 604-612-4350. And thanks for swinging by. Here's what some recent attendees had to say:

Business Golf Is All About More Prosperity, Energy and Joy

Quantum Business Golf International President and CEO Allen Bonk is excited to announce the launch of Our Chapter Model.

For entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals who need to grow their business much faster, with less mistakes, and have a lot more fun along the way and ultimately who want to earn twice as much with half the stress.

Quantum Business Golf is the world’s first business golf mastermind program that provides a way to leverage your time and money to create a series of something we call “Lead Generation Machines”, while building deep & meaningful relationships locally and globally, unlike competitors that “network” to swap leads and socialize, leading to meeting a lot of people “a half inch deep”, our product combines the leverage of masterminding, creating deep & meaningful relationships with the power of business golf all wrapped around a Strategic Philanthropy initiative to help local charities.

If you're interested in learning how you can profit from becoming a Quantum Business Golf Chapter Host in your area or more information click here.

Consider Opening Your Own Quantum Business Golf Chapter In Your Area